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The Student Environmental Association at The University of Michigan-Dearborn 


Welcome to The University of Michigan-Dearborn


Student Environmental



For the latest in our activities and observations (plus a nicer website overall) please visit us at:

Otherwise, this website is a great resource to learn about some of the SEA's history at UM-Dearborn.

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The Student Environmental Association (SEA) of UM-D is dedicated to complementing the educational experience of students. We provide students the chance to take an active part in sustainability, environmental education, conservation, and civic engagement beyond watching it on television or reading about it in a textbook. Join us and engage the environment with a hands-on, community approach to our many fun outings, programs, and other activities throughout the year.  We encourage students from all walks of life and every major of study to explore what our group has to offer, and firmly believe that everyone can make a difference to the world around us for the better.  Who do we define as students?  Anyone sincerely willing to learn.





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